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The Agile Radicals GmbH is a young IT consulting company in the Rhine-Main area. The company was founded with the objective of providing support for the introduction and further development of agile working methods. Classical project management, as well as business analysis with a focus on complex IT structures and products are also part of the offered range of services.

Mission statement

The goal of Agile Radicals GmbH is to jointly identify, pursue, and implement goal-oriented and customer-specific paths to agilization. The customer, his organization and his products are always in the center of attention with highest priority.

This means for us that we implement sustainable and maintainable solutions in terms of organizational structures and IT development. This leads to higher satisfaction, clearer transparency and competitive product development.

We approach agilization at the root, from which a young shoot develops and, with proper care, a vigorous plant will emerge in the near future. This is exactly how we understand the process of agilization and digitalisation.

Our approach

Our understanding of agile working methods has matured through many years of experience in various IT projects with renowned national and international companies. We see ourselves as a partner who provides solutions and impulses for an upcoming agilization, but who is also open to the organization in order to develop new ways of working together with the customer. What works in one company can fail completely in another. Therefore, we do not simply copy a framework, but align it together with the customer so that he and his employees can identify with it.

An agilization is radical, because it breaks with all known instruments of business and project management. We try to implement it as customized as possible and support you shoulder to shoulder with years of experience.

Our offer

Within the field of agilization and digitization, we are committed to providing you with our expertise in the following roles:

The experts when it comes to entire organizational units or projects. They coach, support the project organization or management in the process and are able to help you to transform your project or organization into an agile structure.

The experts, motivating, empathic and above all with excellent communication skills to support at team level. They support you in an already agile working environment on the project area. Coaching and supporting teams that they can work effectively. They are the problem managers and the lightning rods for the teams, they take care that the team can work undisturbed, because in the end only the successful completion of the product counts.

Our specialists, when it comes to your product, are able to cleanly break down requirements and create user stories that the teams can implement. They help you to create epics and feature / product backlogs and harmonize with Scrum masters to get the most out of the process. They understand their responsibility for the product and are able to manage stakeholders.

In addition to the familiar roles in the agile process, we also accompany organizations in transition where classical or hybrid approaches are more common:

  • Project Management / Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Defect Manager
  • Business Analysis

Our management

Mr. Dennis Hilgersom founded the company in 2019. He has more than 10 years of experience as project manager, program manager and consultant for agile working methods (Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Coach) for national and international corporations.

During this time he has worked on projects in the area of Adobe AEM (CMS), mobile payment, mobile native app development, mobile CMS and payment system and learned a variety of working methods.

Prior to that, Mr. Hilgersom completed an apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant and after several years of military service he found his way back into the private sector by studying at a personnel academy. Besides the certificates as PSM and PSPO, he has acquired a university certificate in 2019 which distinguishes him as an expert in digital transformation and digital leadership.

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