Meet the team – Arahanth Maralur Nagaraja

Hello Mr. Nagaraja, would you please briefly introduce yourself to our readers?


My name is Arahanth Maralur Nagaraja, (finding it difficult? call me Aru :slight_smile:) I was born and brought up in the southern part of India. I completed my bachelor of engineering degree in mechanical at Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, VTU, Bengaluru. I am exceptionally organized and focused on a solution-oriented approach.

That’s interesting Aru! What did you do before your time at Agile Radicals GmbH?

After engineering, I started my career with a digital consulting company called HCL Technologies. I have contributed to HCL for over a decade where I had the opportunity to perform various roles and worked in various domains including Aerospace, Automotive and Banking with multiple customers.

I had the opportunity to get trained in project management, develop the agile mindset and work towards scrum and scaled agile framework.

Good to hear. What made you choose Agile Radicals GmbH?

Since my childhood, I am fascinated to add value in everything I do which is what I believe the scrum mainly cares about. Throughout my career I was striving to find a path which gives a smoother solution for any form of problem, I find agile is one way to achieve it and was looking for the right path to serve better in the area of my passion. Yes, Agile radicals, as the name says it all. They are determined to reform everything they do with an agile mindset through agilization, and I strongly decided to be part of Agile Radicals GmbH.

What do you think of Agile Radicals GmbH? would you recommend Agile Radicals GmbH?

Here I feel free to implement the ideas I have and a great opportunity to interact directly with the CEO/Managing director and to learn a lot from his experience. The team is very motivating and friendly. In every gathering I get to learn a lot professionally and personally. I consider them as a family more than colleagues.

We are a group of agile atoms (every employee) bonded together to form radicals which work toward agilization. I would happily recommend it to someone who wants to be part of the family.

Thank you for answering the questions, last but not the least: How are you in private life?

I am a very energetic person, very grateful to my family and friends for being with me in every phase of my life. My spouse’s name is Vinanthi Jain. We are married since Dec 2018.

I love travelling, playing chess and am interested in trekking or exploring and enjoying nature’s beauty at its best. I have completed Rupin Pass trek, one of the Himalayan Mountain peaks, I greatly enjoyed Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany, truely mesmerizing. I have also experienced the submerged beauty of nature while scuba diving in Murudeshwar, India and in Bali, Indonesia.

Thank you for the Interview.

You’re welcome! Have a nice day!

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