Meet the team – Subitcha Kumar

Hello Ms.Kumar, can you tell us about yourself ?

Once upon a time, in a faraway Republic nation of India, I was born. My lovely parents named me Subitcha Kumar. You can call me Subi. I am a very curious, creative and hardworking individual. My curiosity is what has brought me here. When I joined my first job, I was really curious about the project management which led me ask more questions about it and was eventually introduced to Scrum. This began my journey into the Agile world of things.

That’s interesting Subi ! Give us a glimpse of your journey before Agile Radicals GmbH?

Having graduated as a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, I started my career with Verizon Data Services India as a Full Stack Developer in a purely Agile Team. I loved exploring the varied divisions and hence became a UI developer and then moved on to backend development. During this time I equipped myself with Agile scrum master certification and set about exploring the Agile world.

The journey took me to Infosys, Ltd. then to V2soft Pvt Ltd. In V2soft I was working with Fiat Chrysler Automobile (Stellantis) as a Program Manager, with multiple international teams, and effectively brought the project to completion and aided the company with their Agile Transformation Vision.

Then was a big move to Germany and then happened Agile Radicals GmbH.

Great journey ! But why did you move to Germany ? How is Germany treating you so far ?

I married the love of my life last year, who just happens to be working in Germany. Hence the big move. I am really glad about the move. If not for it I wouldn’t be here in Agile Radicals GmbH.

I am borderline in love with Germany. It is a very beautiful country with beautiful people. The seasons, mountains, lakes, Weihnachtsmarkt, German rules… everything is new and intriguing. I can’t begin to explain my love affair with German Bröt. Trust me when I say I have never tasted anything like Currywurst in all my life though I have lived most of my life in a Land of Curry (India). I am happy we decided to move here.

Happy to hear that. How is Agile Radicals GmbH ? Would you refer the place to your friends ?

Agile Radicals GmbH is one of the most inspiring places to work at. Every day is some kind of learning. The hiring process focuses on discovering a different aspect of candidate’s strengths and how to put it to use. Once I was recruited, I was asked about my future aspirations and everything that I do on a regular basis is towards that aspiration. This made me realize that I am at the right place. There is so much of opportunity left for you to explore at your own interest. Though I have been here only for few months now, I have never had a lull moment.

The people at Agile Radicals GmbH are equally motivating and inspiring. They support one another, and together create an environment that is creative, fun, hardworking, and highly productive. Every Team meeting is a great learning experience. I would refer this place to all who is interested to grow intellectually and have fun doing that.

Tell us something interesting about Subi, apart from work?

I love to paint ! I have displayed my paintings in few art shows in India and World Art Dubai, UAE. Apart from painting, I am also interested in Public Speaking and was a part of District Council in Toastmasters India.

I love traveling to new places and trying out their native cuisine. Ever since I moved to Germany, I have been able to do that often. Recently, I took up learning German language and I am really happy I am able to order Bröt on my own in a German Bakery !  

Thank you for the interview

It was my pleasure! Have a great day !

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