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Agile Transformation
Get agile now!
Agile Transformation
  • Analysis of current structures and organization
  • Development of possible solutions
  • Develop proposals for future processes and structures together with the employees and accompany the implementation
  • Creation of new communication plans
  • Structuring of processes from the idea to the release
  • Coaching of employees, what is my new role?
Agile company
You are already agile, but need further support!
Agile company
  • Long-term support for teams and organizations
  • Impediment manager and lightning conductor for the teams
  • Scrum Coaching
  • Moderation and facilitating coordinated professionally
Scaled agile approaches
When one team is no longer enough!
Scaled agile approaches
  • Consulting for the choice of the scaled Scrum Framework
  • Introduction to the different frameworks
  • Customizing of the framework to your wishes and projects
  • Employee-friendly coaching and transformation
  • Support for scaled organizations and projects
Hybrid Project Management
We use the best of both worlds, who else?
Hybrid Project Management
  • Requirements or regulations prevent complete agile change
  • We can do both!
  • Accompaniment of mixed teams
  • Classic project, requirements and program management, business analysis and defect manager
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